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Interview Pro AI-Powered


Using artificial intelligence and natural language processing, everyone can interview and get objective analysis. Get your next job with VIOSA!

Get an assessment of how you perform in interviews & check your scores to improve your performance.

AI-Based Mock Interview Platform 

Course duration: 120 minutes (2 sessions) + Mock Interview Tool Access

Resumes are over-rated. Everyone deserves to interview!

  • Job seekers apply by interviewing immediately.
  • Recruiters get a shortlist of the best candidates

Whether you're leveling up, transitioning your career, or unexpectedly unemployed, this module will help you boost up your interview skills while sharing feedback and areas of improvement.

₹1499/- (+ 18% GST)

This course includes:

Course duration: 120 minutes (2 sessions) + Mock Interview Tool Access

  • - Demo to take AI-powered interview
  • - AI-Powered mock interview
  • - Report on your interview evaluation
  • - AI-Based technical and soft skills evaluation

Why is Interview Pro a must?

Real time interview question practice
Practice in real time with questions directly taken from their official questions banks. Get questions from relevant industries like consulting or marketing as well!

AI for higher Accuracy and reliability
Our machine-learning algorithm analyses interview answers and provides feedback based on your performance.

Question Bank
Job seekers can use e to learn and improve their responses to more than 800 interview questions. 

Tailored advice
Candidates can get immediate feedback on performance, complete with specific advice and examples of best answers.