#BanoJobReady with VIOSA

A Roadmap to Your Successful Aspirational Career

Professional Roadmap AI-Powered

Career Assessment is a 5-Dimensional Career Analysis for graduates, post-graduates, freshers and working professionals. This assessment is conducted in order to evaluate an individual’s skills, knowledge, abilities, personality traits, attitudes and job / academic potential & performance.


Corporate Learning

Enhance your skills with sectoral knowledge in your choice of the sector and suitable job role! Acquire valuable learnings on sectors such as BFSI, FMCG, ITES, and many more!


Competency Coaching

We have created a structured approach to assist individuals to acquire skills and knowledge. There are competency models for specific functional roles that contribute to job-ready strategic goals. 


ResuMatic AI-Powered

Assist you to Write Your Resume with our AI Powered tool. This is a new generation resume builder that minimizes the need to write your own resume. Using text generation AI and billions of data points, we guide you to prepare the perfect resume within no time.


VdO Resume

A powerful coaching module that will enable you to showcase a brief account of your professional experience, qualifications and interests, submitted to a prospective employer in video form. Proven techniques will be coached to you that can be followed to create an impactful Video resume.


Interview Pro AI-Powered

This mock interview tool will help you impress the interviewer with your knowledge about the company/sector/industry. You can practice using our Mock Interview interface which will put you in a confident position in front of the hiring panel.


Pro Connect

You will learn ways to gather and build your online presence to be reachable by Corporates and human resources. By showcasing information about personal characteristics, behaviors, affiliations, connections you can network with the right people using our powerful techniques.


Job Eazy AI-Powered

We have designed a unique process to allow individuals get a job faster with minimum effort. It will give you access to multiple job opportunities based on your choice of frontend or backend job role. It will be a combination of bulk and individual applications as per your requirement based on company/sector/industry.


Professional Roadmap AI-Powered + Counselling Online

Get Counselling from our Certified Counsellor for your  5-Dimensional Career Assessment Report for college students,  graduates, post-graduates, freshers and working professionals.