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Whether you’re a job seeker, an entrepreneur, or just looking to build your personal brand, sharing content on digital media is essential.

Enhance Your Digital Profile & Improve Your Professional Network

About This Course

Course duration: 180 minutes (2 sessions)

Digital Profile creation & networking has become essential skill for members of the professional workplace

The network, personal brand, reputation, and trust that individuals build from an online presence impacts the ability to find meaningful employment, build a reputation within a company, increase pipelines for sales, source and recruit talent, and communicate both internally, externally, across professional organizations and industries. 

Key examples include:

  • Sales leaders use digital profiling to build relationships, identify leads and grow business
  • Talent acquisition professionals rely on digital profiles to source talent
  • Marketing professionals use digital profiling to create content and reach decision-makers
  • Executives use digital profiling to grow the reputation or brand of their company
  • HR professionals use digital profiling to communicate and improve DE&I
  • 760M people use digital profiling to find meaningful work


This course includes:

Course duration: 180 minutes (2 sessions)

  • - Module on Digital Profiling
  • - Module on Professional Networking

Why is Pro Connect a must?

Personal & Corporate Branding

Create your digital presence with proven techniques

Career Transition, and Networking

Learn the art of networking with professionals in your chosen industry

Social Media

Leverage the power of social media and its global reach

Online presence

Make yourself reachable to prospect employers