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Student Career Assessment



Find out your suitable stream with our 5 Dimensional Career Assessment among

150+ Career Paths and 3000+ Occupations

5 Dimensional Career Assessment

30+ Pages of detailed Stream Analysis Score Card

Student Career Assessment


Course duration: 120 minutes (3 sessions) + Assessment Tool Access

Student Career Assessment [SCA] is a 5-Dimensional Career Analysis for school students. This assessment is conducted in order to evaluate an individual’s skills, knowledge, abilities, personality traits, attitudes, and academic potential.


Course duration: 120 minutes (3 sessions)

+ Assessment Tool Access

Course Contents:

  • - Building Blocks to Your Career
  • - Steps To Take The Assessment
  • - Start & Finish The Assessment
  • - Download the 30+ Page Score Card
  • - SCA Score Card Interpretation

Why is Student Career Assessment a must?

5 Dimensional Career Assessment Platform
Our assessment platform helps you to get a 5-dimensional assessment and get an analysis of your school career

AI for higher Accuracy and reliability
Our AI-enabled Technology Platform instantly identifies Personality analysis, Career Interest analysis, Career motivators analysis, learning style analysis, and Skills & Abilities analysis.

 Roadmap in just 45 Minutes.
You spend months figuring out what you want. Our 45 minutes assessment can make life easy for you

150+ Career Paths and 3000+ Occupations
In addition to assessment, our technology creates a student roadmap that explains why you’re the perfect fit.