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Learn how to create from scratch Resume Video Profile that will create an impactful first impression in front of the employer and allow you to obtain the job of your dreams.

Enables You To Prepare An Impactful Video Resume

About This Course

Course duration: 90 minutes (1 session) 

Video resumes are becoming a requirement by many companies, and yet it's still an approach that very few job seekers fully embrace.

 Explore the untapped possibilities of a video resume. 

Find out more about the value of video as a resume format and why it’s quickly becoming a new norm. Learn how to plan, film, edit, submit and feature your video resume. Work with Madeline to develop an action plan and commit to it in your job-hunting process.


This course includes:

Course duration: 90 minutes (1 session)

  • - Recorded sessions
  • - 90 Minutes modules
  • - Learn how to create your video profiling

 Why is VdO Resume a must?    

Stand out from the crowd
Create a unique impression with our video profiling coaching

     Showcase your creativity      Impress your employer with learnt resume creation skills

     Display your personality      Learn to show your confident with the step by step process

Demonstrate particular skills   Get the opportunity to implement video resume profiling